Storage Unit Sizing

Century Stone Storage is your go-to storage facility in Orillia. We offer secure, self-contained storage units that can hold a variety of items. Please see the information below to help you ‘picture’ what can be stored in our units:

8’x10’ – Small amounts of furniture like a chair and couch, mattress and box spring, and a few boxes of books or miscellaneous items

8’x18’, 8’x 16’, 12’x18’ – This is about the size of a single car garage with room to store items contained in a 2-3 bedroom home, including appliances.

8’x20’ – A little larger and can hold all the above items from your home, in addition to some extra boxes of your decorations, clothing, books etc.

16’x24’ – This unit is the same size as a 2 car garage, or enough room to store your homes appliances, furniture from a larger 4-5 bedroom home, with a bit of room left for boxes

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